Wilderness Safety/Survival - Level 1

This is the cornerstone class and by far the most popular that we teach. This class is for those wanting to be more prepared to spend time in a wilderness setting.

We will teach you how to be proactive in your outdoor readiness.  So that you can continue to go afield time and time again safely. We will actively study and practice the following:  wilderness first aid, land navigation, shelter building, knot tying, fire building, water purification, edible/medicinal plants, hunting/trapping traps, and gigs.

For Level 1 classes we will have a group basecamp within a short walking distance to the vehicle parking area.  You will be free to travel to and from your vehicle for gear if it is needed.  We want you to be comfortable in this class so you can maximize your ability to learn and, more importantly, retain the information that we share with you.  This means you should feel free to bring any camping equipment you feel comfortable with or want to test for yourself. There will be plenty of room to set up tents, hammocks, tarps, etc.

If you would like to challenge yourself, bring only your survival-related gear and have an experiential learning experience.

Multiple studies show that the best way to learn and retain information is to physically practice skills-based activities.  Come to this class expecting to learn from well qualified and trained instructors, as well as do lots of hands-on activities.   You will be immersed in survival methodology from a physical understanding and academic one.  Be aware there are no powerpoints or long lectures, but lots of "dirt time".

Follow this link for class normal practices and gear list suggestions/recommendations.