Zoom Course: How to Read People

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All people have "tells" that they give off to tell you if they are comfortable talking to you or not.  This includes being able to determine if someone is lying to you, just by reading their body language.  
You can also look at people in groups and read them and gather information that we may want to use for our safety.  
Furthermore, we can also use information that we gather to encourage others to do the things we would like for them to do. 
All of these skills are ones each of us can learn.  In this zoom course we are going to introduce you to the topic and also give you action items and resources that you can follow up to continue to grow your skill in reading people. 
This class grew out of our recent successful situational awareness class, as many of our students had questions related to this topic and we simply did not have to answer them.  We, therefore, created a whole class on this particular subject.

If you are new to Zoom, no worries.  It is easy to use.  We have put together this document to help you get acquainted before class.  Click here,

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