Introduction to Amateur (Ham) Radio

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Communications are one of the most integral pieces to solid disaster and survival preparations.  Getting started with a solid set of skills and gear is confusing for many.  It wont be confusing after this class.  Even if you dont have a radio, choose the (I need a radio option) and we will have it at class for you.  You will program it at class and leave with a usable skill set and radio. 

Join Nature Reliance School as we get you started on the path of helping you to secure you and your family/friends with a good plan for radio communications.  In this one day course we will cover the following: 

  • Understand the frequency plan. What frequencies you can and can’t use.  FRS, GMRS, HAM, MURS, Etc.
  • What licenses do you need.  How to get the license.  
  • Types/Brands of radio.  Which one do you need. 
  • Setup/Program your radio.  (Class will be using Baofeng UV5r)
  • How to talk/use your radio
  • Antennas, their reach, where to get them.  
  • Radio accessories
  • Options for setting up a mobile unit 
  • Options for setting up a home/base unit
  • Coax cable and connector options. 
  • Battery life 
  • Emergency use
  • HAM Clubs 
  • HAM licenses, privileges, and Nets

Location will be announced later, but for travel purposes plan on being near Winchester, KY.  

This class will be taught by Tracy Trimble and Sam Buhlig

If you want an introduction to the class/concept, take a few minutes and listen to our podcast "Learn How a Ham Radio Might Save Your Life".