Walnut-dyed bandana

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Get our 100% Cotton Bandana made from flour sack material.  These are incredibly soft and show our NRS logo, so you can share the community everywhere you go! It's crazy big, measuring (28 x 28in White Logo) and (25 x 27in Black Logo) to tackle many outdoor needs. Due to their unique nature, they were made to have one-of-a-kind details.  The flour sacks are dyed with walnut hull stain to give them a distressed, aged look right out of the box. Our Black Logo is a combination of oak gall, walnut dye, and iron. 

It can be used as a head covering, neck covering, camp rag, rag for knives, axes, or guns.  You dream up how you want to use it and send us a picture :) 

This is the first in our Old School line of products in which we marry old and new materials and ways for great products in the modern world.  

Be advised that this contains dye from Black Walnut Hulls (Juglans nigra) a potential allergen so proceed with caution.