NRS Logo Ozark Trail Tumbler, 20 oz

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Remember that time back in high school when all the cool kids were doing something?  That time has come again! Be one of the cool kids at school, the office, gym or trail, carrying your favorite beverage in this fantastic tumbler.  

This tumbler is stainless steel, vacuum-sealed and insulated, which means it keeps hot things hot and cold things cold.  The beautiful logo was etched by the able hands of an NRS alumnus, who happens to be an active-duty law-enforcement officer as well.  Therefore every purchase you make puts some money in his pocket, and in ours.  

Most importantly you get to be one of the cool kids for the first time or the first time in a long time, by waltzing around with this fantastic drink carrier. 

Wait there's more!  Inside each tumbler, you will receive a surprise packet of NRS Director Craig Caudill's favorite drink mix to have around the campfire when telling half-truth stories.