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PACK Pocket

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 PACK = Proper Accessory Carry Kit

In the early 20th-century leather craftsman Charles Doppelt designed and his company produced a Dopp kit bag.  The leather bag was initially designed to carry toiletry supplies.  Ever since that time, people have been using this type of bag to carry whatever they want to take in them, and occasionally toiletries as well.  

That is why we came up with this PACK Pocket bag, so you can carry whatever you want to carry in it.  Toiletries, land nav supplies, utensils, tools, whatever you like, dream it up and put it in there.  After you purchase one, it is yours, do with it what you want.  

These bags have strong grab handles and a velcro strip for your nameplate.  (These will soon be all the rage on your next deployment). 

This is a dark rich chestnut brown waxed canvas sewn in the heart of Eastern Kentucky (Menifee County to be exact).  

Our waxed canvas and other textile products have been on the drawing board for quite some time now.  Our very own Tracy Trimble has dived in head first on developing these products and getting them ready for you.  These products have tremendous attention to detail. 

4 sizes sizes are currently available

Large:  11X4.5X5 = 247.5 cubic inches

Medium:  7.5X3.5X3.5 = 92 cubic inches 

Small:  4.5X3X2.5 = 33.75


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