Knots, Knots and more Knots


"If you dont how to tie a knot, tie a lot."  You have heard it, we have heard it.  It is now time to put that incorrect saying to bed for good.  Come learn how to do it all with knots!

In this course we will learn several, yet equally important, things about ropes and knots:

  • How to tie several knots easily and learn when and where to use them.
  • Use knots to tie things up, down and all around.  We will tie down kayaks, tie things on packs, show you how to tie shoes so they don't come untied, tie things over limbs, and on and on.  If you have a specific job that can be done with ropes or knots, let us know.  We will put it into class. 
  • Not all ropes or lines or cordage are the same.  We will show you several different types and teach you how to choose the best for the job at hand.
  • We will teach how to properly store rope for quick and efficient your use.

Tracy Trimble and Craig Caudill will teach this course.  Tracy is a certified rope technician, search and rescue volunteer, and outdoorsman.  Craig is a former farmboy and outdoorsman.  Both of these guys bring decades of experience to tying knots that you can use in any outdoor endeavor.