Intro to Winter Tree ID and Sketching

This class is being taught by Tracy TrimbleCraig Caudill, and Jennifer Caudill

Class will be held at:  


Class will begin at 0830 and end at approximately 1400 (2pm) 

In this class we will dig DEEP into Winter Tree Identification and why it is so important to recognizing so much more while you out in the wilderness.  We can assure you will never look at trees the same way again.  In this class we will have plenty of hands-on items to view, and great slides showing you many more.  It will include:

  • How to use guides in a way that makes it easy to do.  
  • Looking at leaf buds and leaf scars and what they can tell us
  • Finding fruit (including nuts) and what we can determine from them.
  • Bark, bark and more bark.  Don't you wish you could look at tree bark and know a tree?  Well, you can, and we will show you how.  
  • How to look at a tree in the dark and know what it is (yes you can do this, no flashlight needed)
  • Details on how to intelligently harvest materials for use and enhance rather than destroy the environment.  
  • This class will include a block of instruction by Jennifer Caudill on sketching and detail why it is vital to your study of the outdoors.  Don't worry if you can't draw very well.  You will be able to do much better after this class. 

All of our classes have a reputation of being very inviting to beginners and soaking up wisdom from those in class who are proficient.  We will most certainly come on, join in, and learn together!