Intro to Scout/Tracker

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This is another in our series of one-day introduction in various topics.  This class is for those that feel intimidated, or do not have time, for a full weekend class.  

This class is taught by Nature Reliance School Director, Craig Caudill and assisted by previous full Scout/Tracker class graduates and alumni.  

Since this will focus on the fundamentals the material learned can then be applied to animal tracking or mantracking for first responders  We will cover:

  • The science of tracking.  Why anyone can learn this material.  
  • How to see more tracks, with observation and awareness exercises to teach your mind to see more.
  • Understanding aging and what we can determine from it.
  • How to classify human tracks for better retention of what you see.
  • Understanding ground, aerial and other sign and how to understand what it is indicating to you.
  • How to use tracking for SAR, hunting, and wildlife study (naturalists and biologists).
  • Animal track and gait patterns.
  • How to know with certainty you are tracking a Sasquatch, or someone pretending to be a Sasquatch :)