Zoom Course: How to Read Places

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Assessing your environment is a key function of your safety and survival.  In this course we are going to go in depth to useful skills that you can start to do immediately to be able to read places more efficiently and quickly for items of concern.  

We will tell you the most common location inside of a room for an active shooter to shoot.

We will tell you how to assess your location for safe passage and exit if a quick emergency arises.

We will also help you learn how to recognize you yourself are your worst enemy when it comes to proper assessment and how to overcome some things that are actually normal, but can cause problems, for all of us.  




This class grew out of our recent successful situational awareness class, as many of our students had questions related to this topic and we simply did not have to answer them.  We, therefore, created a whole class on this particular subject.

If you are new to Zoom, no worries.  It is easy to use.  We have put together this document to help you get acquainted before class.  Click here,

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