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Do you have what it takes? Do you have woods savvy and/or mojo?  Here is your opportunity to prove you do or to learn some things along the way.  

In this Livestream Zoom challenge, we are going to have a series of questions to challenge what you think you know about the outdoors.  Questions will cover topics such as:

  • Pre-event things you can do to be safer in the outdoors
  • Knots and their uses
  • Tracks and what animal they belong to
  • Fire building
  • Remote First Aid
  • Shelters
  • Land Navigation
  • Trees and Plants
  • AND...a WHOLE lot more. 

In typical NRS fashion, we are going to make sure this is fun and enjoyable as we get together online.  A technological mirror image of how we do things in the outdoors.  

This will give you a great start to the new year and, if you choose, give you an idea what sorts of things you can look forward to working on in the great outdoors.  

The person who gets the most answers right will get the satisfaction of knowing that they got the most answers right. I am sure we will all virtually applaud you or something too  

Seriously though come see what skills you may be lacking in so you can put together a plan to get more self-relianct and prepared in 2023

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