Zoom Course: Vital Survival

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This class is being led by Craig Caudill, Director of Nature Reliance School, professional survival skills instructor and author of several survival-related books.  

We have two questions for your.  

  1. If you had to respond to an emergency or disaster, could you do so positively?
  2. If you had to spend an unexpected night outside, would you know how to do it and take care of yourself and those you care about?

We built a very robust and detailed course and booklet to help you answer those two questions.  This information is just too important not to share it with everyone we can.  Therefore we are offering some of the most important highlights here in this 1 hour zoom course.  

Dont worry this is is not going to be a commercial for the course.  We are passionate about helping people and are pulling out the most important information on each of these topics for you to be better prepared.  

Section 1 – Personal Needs

  • Essential Gear
  • Personal assessment and mindset
  • Group and personal security
  • Individual First Aid

Section 2 – Safety and Sustenance

  • Sheltering in place (bugging in)
  • Shelter
  • Water
  • Food

Section 3 – Working with Others

  • Situational Awareness
  • Communication
  • Critical Decision Making
  • Practice vs. Testing

Join us for this course presentation so you can be better prepared!