Zoom Course: Animal Tracking

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Who doesn't like to see more wildlife in the outdoors?  I know we certainly do and we can help  you do exactly that.  In this course we are going to help you decipher some of those tracks you have been seeing on your hikes and tell you what is out there.  In this workshop we will:

  • Look at several different animal tracks that are common in the mixed hardwood forests of the Eastern woodlands.
  • Teach how to read the track to tell you when an animal is walking, running, or has stood in one place for a long time.  
  • Mythbust some common misunderstandings of tracks.  (Mountain lion vs a dog track and others)
  • Learn how to study tracks on your own
  • Discuss resources that useful for you to take afield or study with at home.  

This class is being taught by Craig Caudill, Director of Nature Reliance School.  Craig is an experienced woodsman and huntervationist.  His love of tracking is only exceeded by his love of family and friends.  Be aware he will most likely infect you with the "tracking bug" and your symptoms will be a constant watch for tracks on your next adventure.  :)