Wilderness Safety/Survival - Level 3 - Knife Only

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You read that right, knife only.   

In this class, you will work throughout the weekend with only a knife.  You will be able to provide your needs for this weekend.  All materials used in class will be sourced from the environment.  Craig will be leading this course and will be carrying the necessary safety and survival supplies in case an emergency occurs.  In this course, you will learn how to:
  • Make cordage and shelter using the environment
  • Utilize primitive fire building methods to make fire.
  • Source clean water from the environment
  • Utilize winter foraging and trapping skills to source food.  
  • Class is purposely being scheduled for the first of February so you can expect harsh conditions for this course.
  • Since this course will be difficult the course size is limited to only 7 people.     

Follow this link for class normal practices and gear list suggestions/recommendations.  

Use code REPEAT, if you have already taken this course with us in the past and wish to refresh your skills.  

Once your register and pay for class you will receive an automatic email with location and other important info.  To ensure you don't miss it, be sure to add info@naturereliance.org to your email sender list and/or look in your spam folder for an email titled:  "Important Nature Reliance School Class Info"