Zoom Course: Introduction to Gaia GPS

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This is an online course hosted on Zoom.  It is a free app available for desktop, or mobile device.  You can read about how to use Zoom for this class as this link

In this course we NRS Instructor Tracy Trimble (co-author of Essential Wilderness Navigation) will lead an intro course to the use of Gaia GPS.  To do this course you will want to download the free version of Gaia GPS here:  https://www.gaiagps.com/

If you would like to go ahead an purchase, which is what we recommend, then take advantage of the discount offered to our students, friends, and family:  https://www.gaiagps.com/discounts/?fp_ref=naturereliance

In this course Tracy will detail the following:

  • How to get Gaia initially setup properly
  • How to customize features for your personal use
  • How to determine your location on a map and get your exact coordinates
  • Briefly discuss our recommended grid system
  • Much more dependent upon time and questions asked during the course.