FREE Habitat and Exploration Weekend (NOT sold out)

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It says Sold Out, but its not. 

This is a FREE workshop at the NRS class site near Frenchburg Kentucky.  We use the land a lot and now it is time to give some back to the land and the wildlife that use it when we are not there.  We will be doing lots of the following

  • Clearing some trails and using the items cleared to make ground-nesting structures in the woods
  • Using some leftover porch and barn lumber to make some nesting structures for songbirds, wood ducks, bats and more.  We will place them at different times of the year for optimal use.
  • Clearning some invasives like grapevine and Japanese honeysuckle.  

If you want to come for an hour or come for the weekend, please do.  We will have plenty of stuff to do and will take several breaks to explore and play in the woods.  Required campfire time for those who stay :)

If interested please put your email address in the box for notification and I will send you details for directions and what to bring.