Longhunter Rendevous

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This class is free to those who purchased the Shemanese, the knife designed by Craig Caudill and built by LT Wright Handcrafted Knives.  We appreciate the investment you have made with purchasing the knife and want to ensure we over-deliver in what you get for that purchase.  We want you to have the skills you need to enjoy utilizing it in a safe and useful manner.  We also want to celebrate the inspiration from which it was designed.  In this class we will: 

  • Learn the proper way to maintain your knife and its handle, and keep it razor sharp.
  • Learn how to use the edge, spine, and tip of the blade in traditional and non-traditional ways.  
  • Use the knife to scrape deer hides and the process for tanning hides.  
  • Learn how the frontiersman used these knives as scraping tools for lodges and half-face shelters. 
  • Learn how to use this knife safely as a drawknife.  
  • Learn how to use your knife as a self-defense tool 
  • Throw some tomahawks 
  • Shoot some black powder rifles
  • Process and eat wild game.   

Learn some local history as it pertains to the inspiration for the knife, including stories about Daniel Boone, Simon Kenton, George Rogers Clark and other frontiersman known as the Long Knives in English and  Shemanese by the Shawnee who respected them.   

This class will led by NRS Director Craig Caudill

If you want to attend and did not purchase the knife we will take participants on a first-come-first-served basis at the cost of the class.  All those who purchased the knife received a discount code to get 100% off the cost of this course.