Nature Immersion

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This class is going to be a compilation of various educational opportunities for participants to gather a much deeper understanding of the natural world around us.  Our intent is two-fold:

  • To offer all participants an opportunity to see, understand and experience more of what is around them in the natural world.
  • To offer all participants ways, methods, and materials to help them study on their own after they leave as well as the ability to teach others.

This course will include the following (please note there will be minimal.

lecture on these topics, to spend more time doing experiential learning):

  • Tree identification and their uses for proper woodsmanship skills.  We will identify a minimum of 10 species of trees and handcraft a project during class.
  • Forest ecology and detailing how a forest is interconnected.  This allows for more opportunities to see wildlife, gather materials for survival and bushcraft efficiently, and to recognize more on your next hike.
  • Game tracking fundamentals.  We will learn how to determine various species and recognize their tracks in open and woodland environments.  This will include all participants making a cast of a track to take home.
  • Nature illustration concepts.  Sketching and illustration is one of the key ways all nature enthusiasts learn their craft.  You will get to choose your subject matter and have a trained artist help you learn how to sketch more effectively.  (This portion of class will be taught by Jennifer Caudill who attended Eastern Kentucky University on an art scholarship and taught art in Clark County Public Schools.
  • Edible and medicinal plants and trees.   Snacks and medicine are all around you in the outdoors.  We will spend time learning how to identify several different useful species.  We will also make a tincture for your use after you leave.  What tincture is made will depend upon species availability at the class.
  • Dedicated time learning how to teach others.   We will teach the science and art of teaching others.  This will include specific training to help you teach, mentor, and guide adults and/or youth after the class.