One Day Intro to Land Navigation (Map and Compass)

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This class is being taught by Tracy Trimble and Craig Caudill, authors of the book Essential Wilderness Navigation.

Location for this class will be determined later.  But will either be in Lexington, or Winchester KY.  

Class will begin at 0830 and end at approximately 1700.  

This class is a basic/introduction level to the topic of land navigation.   Basic topics covered (and probably more) are listed below.   Participants in the class are encouraged to bring their navigation tools/kit.  Don’t worry if you don’t have any, as tools will be provided for use.   If you don’t have any navigation tools, then this class will help you to begin building your navigation kit.

 The class will mostly be inside and will last up to 7 hours – depending on the size of the class.  Breaks will be given accordingly, and lunch break will be 45 minutes.  Please bring pen/notebook.  All maps will be provided.  If time and weather permits, we will conduct a very short outside activity to help tie everything together.   

Topics Covered

  1. Different types of coordinates and their use
  2. How to plot coordinates on a map
  3. How to determine coordinates for a place on a map
  4. Discuss all the “Norths” of land navigation
  5. What is declination and how to apply it to navigation
  6. Introduction of compass types
  7. Determine direction on a map from place-to-place
  8. Discuss different datum sets and what’s coming
  9. Determine direction of travel with a compass in the field
  10. Introduction to contour lines and the six key features here in KY
  11. Short outside activities as time/weather permits