Rural Defensive Patrolling and Survival Course

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This course will be a collaborative effort taught by Ryan Tibben of Alert Plan Training Systems and Craig Caudill of Nature Reliance School

The Rural Defensive Patrolling and Survival Course teaches the fundamentals of a dismounted team tactical patrolling and survival strategies in a woodland environment.  Instruction will take place in a natural setting.  Upon completion of the training, students gain a working knowledge of team member roles and responsibilities, a solid foundation in the fundamentals of tactical movement formations/reacting to contact, and enhanced confidence in their ability to work as part of a cohesive defense force.  Topics of training include:

  • Team Composition/Duties & Responsibilities
  • Equipment Selection/Gear Set-Up
  • Formations And Order Of Movement
  • Non-Verbal Communication 
  • Linear Danger Areas, Open Danger Areas (Small/Large)
  • Small Unit Survival
  • Mantracking/CounterTracking Strategy and Formations
  • Security Halts
  • React To Contact
  • Break Contact
  • Casualty Evacuation Techniques

This course is designed to cover the fundamentals in a weekend and will run from Friday at 7 pm until 2pm Sunday.  For those who can dedicate more time to more study of the topics listed, choose +1 day listing.  Those students choosing this option will leave on Monday evening.  

Equipment needed for this course is as follows:

For the Survival, Tracking portion have a military-style poncho, fixed blade knife, fire starting kit, and metal cup of any size or shape (canteen style cup).  Also bring expected camping equipment.  We will return to a base camp each night, you can keep cache gear and food there.  If you have further questions about survival and tracking direct them to Craig at:

For the Rural Patrolling/Team Tactics Portion, read this PDF document and direct any questions to Ryan  at:

Location of course will be near Frenchburg Kentucky.  Exact location will be to those who sign up for class.