Zoom Course: Summer Tree ID

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Take a walk in the woods (virtually) and learn some tree ID from the comfort of home.  In this course we are going to show you 10 species of common trees form the Eastern woodlands that are common in any mixed hardwood forest.  This will include:

  • Some simple ways to quickly classify trees into two different groups for easier identification.
  • Resources (booklets and apps) to take afield so you can study on your own.  
  • Breakdown of key identifying features for the 10 species which will include:  site location, bark appearance, and leaf structure, and overall shape when each of those is applicable for ID.
  • Fun facts you will want to know about each of the species we will study together. 

This class is being led by Craig Caudill, University of Kentucky Master Naturalist Trainee and woodsman with decades of experience in eastern woodlands.