Tactical Survival

***Please note there is an option in the drop-down menu above to come to the class for a cost which includes all supplies needed in class.  Choose that option if you want us to acquire those for you. 

This is a semi-private class in which the host has graciously asked that I open it up to a few friends of NRS.  If you have interest in this class email Craig Caudill for details:  info@naturereliance.org

Here we introduce students to the mindset, skills, tactics, and gear necessary to effectively avoid when possible, and survive when necessary a short-term disaster or lost person event.  We will study lost proofing with navigation aids, remote first aid, core body temp maintenance though shelter and fire building, water filtering and purifying, edible plants and insects, as well as trapping, gigging and hunting. 

Further, we will use map and compass, GPS to locate and move to remote camps and train in advanced survival concepts of fieldcraft to include man tracking, camouflaging reconnaissance, and evasion.  There will be no live fire in this course, but it is encouraged to bring self-defense tools the participants are comfortable with.