The Fight

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UPDATE:  This class will now be free, it shows sold out but its not.  We will meet up on Friday night March 11 to do a discussion on Mindset and other important matters relating to the non-physical side of self-defense.  We will then spend all day Saturday, March 12 training in various modules.  We will then head home on Saturday evening.  Saturday will be one heck of a day of training.  If you are interested in this class just put your email in and will.  If you cant make it on Friday, just come on Saturday for the physical side.  We will be camping out on site to enjoy some campfire time.  


If you had to defend yourself in a physical altercation could you?  If you are unsure, then this class is for you.  As with all NRS coursework, this class will cover the mindset, skills, tactics, and gear you need to defend yourself, no matter what your level of understanding is in self-defense.  

Mindset - This class will start by developing your situational awareness so you know how to recognize threats before they arrive.

Skills-  It will get you started on the path of learning useful striking and grappling methods that work.  This is not your typical martial arts class but rather methods synthesized from that practice that are easy to retain and replicate under stress.  

Tactics - We will practice methods where you are alone and with others.  This will increase your ability to help defend those you care most about.  

Gear - We will get you on the path of learning common improvised tools you can find in nearly any environment.  This will include sticks, knives, and a brief introduction to firearms use.  (Better to get training from some of our friends for firearms training, contact us for recommendations).

This class will be hosted in the outdoors and will be done at a moderate pace.  Come as you are.  Work hard where you can, rest and take notes when you cant.  No matter what come prepared to leave more self-reliant on your safety, than when you arrive.  

This class will be taught by various professional hand-to-hand tactics trainers.  

Follow this link for class normal practices and gear list suggestions/recommendations.  

Use code REPEAT, if you have already taken this course with us in the past and wish to refresh your skills.  

Once your register and pay for class you will receive an automatic email with location and other important info.  To ensure you don't miss it, be sure to add to your email sender list and/or look in your spam folder for an email titled:  "Important Nature Reliance School Class Info"