Vital Survival for Families

This course has been put together at the request of several public schools and libraries here in Kentucky.  We have developed a series of videos that will help families with disaster readiness, safety and survival.  If you are a youth service center coordinator, teacher, librarian or administrator then this series of videos will help you offer safety to those under your leadership.  

Once this video series is purchased you will receive online link access to the edited videos.  You can then upload them to your website, or otherwise share them as you want.  

The content is put together specifically with families in mind.  Meaning there are helpful hints and strategies for kids (middle school and above) and adults.  You can watch the introduction video on thislink.  These are intended to help those who watch them be more prepared for both wilderness and suburban/urban situations.  Here are the topics (each lesson is approximately 15 minutes in length and professionally edited with great sound and video quality.  


  • Essential Gear
  • Introduction to personal assessment and mindset development
  • Group and Personal Security
  • Individual First Aid and Kit


  • Sheltering in Place (great for a pandemic)
  • Shelter in the wilderness
  • Water
  • Food


  • Bugging out, when you must leave home
  • Situational Awareness
  • Communication
  • Practice vs. Testing your skills for improvement