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>> Check out NRS Online classes! <<
>> Check out NRS Online classes! <<
Bear Grylls and Ghosts

Bear Grylls and Ghosts

At Nature Reliance School our main goal is to be more comfortable outside in the natural world.  We do this most often by teaching and leading survival classes and the same here in our blog and youtube channel.  We like to focus our efforts and on four separate but interrelated portions of survival training:
  • Mindset
  • Skills
  • Tactics
  • Gear

If you do even the slightest amount of research you will find that humans are capable of extraordinary things during survival-related or otherwise tragic events.  Most often the things that separates those that fall victim to survival related stress, and those who don’t, is proper mindset.  Up until this point we have never put much information out on our youtube channel about this very important topic.  That changes today.

When I wrote my book Extreme Wilderness Survival (due out march 2017 from Page Street Publishing) I included 5 9781624143366-2entire chapters to the topic of mindset development.  Obviously the most detailed information will be found in the book, so please consider purchasing when it comes available.

During the research phase I noticed how easy it is to connect mindset development for survival to similar mindset for business, sports, and home life.  In this new series of videos that we are going to call either “Motivational Monday” or “Tomahawk Tuesday” our intent is to help you grow.  Whether it be to develop your mindset for survival training, knock that contract out of the park at work, or develop the best relationships you can at home, these videos are for you.

Please consider sharing them with others if you feel they can benefit someone.  I am new to teaching this type of material to an unknown audience through video.  Usually I am speaking to a known group who contract us to come in and speak on such topics.  So….offer some constructive criticism for us to make them better.  Because at Nature Reliance School, we want you to come on, join in, and learn together!

c1Craig Caudill is the Founder and Chief Instructor of Nature Reliance School. He specializes in teaching outddoor related topics to include, survival, tracking go-bags, nature awareness and gun safety for private and public groups, and government agencies. Craig is a frequent  contributor to TV outlets, blog sites, magazines and is a popular online outdoor educator on Carbon TV,  and YouTube via the Nature Reliance and Dan’s Depot channels. 
Craig’s first book, Extreme Wilderness Survival from Page Street Publishing, distributed by Macmillan Publishing will be available in March 2017.  Pick up the book, or join Craig in a class so he can help you be safe and enjoy the outdoors more.
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