Stump Removal

by Tracy Trimble | 26 May, 2020

Podcast #24: Epic failure in gardening - but we have to start somewhere.

by Tracy Trimble | 22 May, 2020

Have you ever raised a garden?  Have you ever opened up a forest to grow one?  Tracy is in the process of doing exactly that.  In this podcast we talk about what is going right, and opportunities for growth :)

Summer time is Paddling Time!

by Craig Caudill | 19 May, 2020

I will never forget getting into a canoe for the first time.  I guess my dad and his brother decided to do some fishing around Leatherwood Boat Ramp on Cave Run Lake.  I do not remember exactly why but they allowed my cousin and I to paddle around in the Grumman Canoe by ourselves.  They told us not to splash one another when we got in.  We followed that directive for about 3.5 seconds. 

Environmental Stewardship

by Craig Caudill | 09 May, 2020

The Greeks have a word, sympathea, that translates as mutual interdependence of all things past, present and future.  It is an interesting concept for sure and I like the idea of it.  In today’s world, particularly here in our small town of Winchester, we do not seem to agree with the Greeks, do we?

DIY Wheelbarrow Handles

by Craig Caudill | 07 May, 2020

"Value-added living" is a common phrase one of my mentors used to say to me on a regular basis.  His teaching point was for us to find ways to develop new skills or enhance old ones in daily life.  One way that....

Wild Turkey Restoration Success

by Craig Caudill | 21 April, 2020

As I write this for you, turkey season is upon us.  As you are reading this, I hope to be in the woods somewhere, either hunting turkeys, morel mushrooms, or both.  The fact that wild turkeys are abundant enough to pursue is a fantastic feat and cooperation between hunters, conservation groups, and dedicated biologists from the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife (KDFWR). 

Podcasts #22 and #23: How Drowning Changed My Life

by Craig Caudill | 19 April, 2020

Near-death experiences have a way to change a person.  The story discussed here is one of those experiences.    I came as close to death as I have come in the outdoors on this trip.  

NRS Discount Codes!

by Craig Caudill | 19 April, 2020

Lots of great discounts here only for the NRS family!  Take advantage of these when looking to buy outdoor and survival gear.

What does that logo represent? More than you expect.

by Craig Caudill | 07 April, 2020

With the launch of the Shemanese a few months ago it quickly became apparent that people really enjoyed the "new" logo that LT Wright Handcrafted Knives put on the blade for us.  We have since put it on some hats and will very soon add it to..... 

The Four "Poisons" of the Mind

by Craig Caudill | 31 March, 2020

There are four poisons of the mind and each of those poisons can leave a person in a place where they can allow their thoughts to spiral out of control.  We should avoid these.  I will share each poison with you and some strategies that relate to COVID-19 that will help you overcome them.

Georgia Bushcraft Virtual Gathering 2020 - 3 Bs of Bushcraft

by Craig Caudill | 28 March, 2020

Adapt, improvise and overcome...we should all be better at doing this, it applies to so many things in life.  

I was invited to teach at the Georgia Bushcraft Spring Gathering....

COVID 19 Discount Bonanza

by Craig Caudill | 17 March, 2020

Kick COVID 19 in the teeth with these discounts.   Take that Cornhole virus!!  


Harbingers of Spring

by Craig Caudill | 11 March, 2020

Harbinger  - a person or thing that announces or signals the approach of another.

There are not too many people in rural America that do not have a family or friend that talks about the “signs”.  In this writer’s opinion......

The Evolution of 12 Hard-Use Hatches and Axes - a "A Dirty Dozen"

by Craig Caudill | 02 March, 2020

When you pick up an axe for hard use, you pick up a piece that is part of a long line of history going back thousands of years.   Our ancestors had the habit of using both small cutting tools and large ones.  There is ample evidence to prove that it was the development of the axe that helped propel us forward into the world that we live in today. 

Fast forward those thousands of years, and I find...........

Gun Sales Fund Wildlife Conservation

by Craig Caudill | 12 February, 2020

f you enjoy seeing game and non-game species of wild animals, you should, at some point, thank a gun owner for it.  Gun owners, including hunters and non-hunters alike, provide....

Podcast #19 - Learn How a Ham Radio Might Save Your Life

by Tracy Trimble | 02 February, 2020

Ham radios and their use NEED to be part of everyone's readiness.  Whether you are a hard-core prepper, or an occasional hiker, ham radio use can offer some things not offered by any other equipment.....

Podcast #18 - Simon Kenton - Nearly Naked and Afraid, Pt 2 of 2

by Craig Caudill | 28 January, 2020

We are back with part 2!  If you have not listened to part 1..stop what you are going and go back now and do so.  Once you do, this will have MUCH more meaning.

Podcast #16 - Oooops! - Common Mistakes (Part 3 of 3): While at camp

by Craig Caudill | 26 January, 2020

Oooooops! is right, in the last of our 3 part series we go over some of the craziest and simplest things we have done or seen that you should NEVER do.

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