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>> Check out NRS Online classes! <<
>> Check out NRS Online classes! <<

About Us

We offer a multitude of class options: Survival, Bushcraft, Land Nav, Tracking and more.

Our instructors are forever students: You can be sure that our instructional staff have decades of experience in the outdoors. As instructors we are constantly getting dirt time in ourselves and continuing our own education to bring you up-to-date methods and gear choices

What is MSTG?
  • Mindset:
    Mindset is PROVEN to be the most important aspect to outdoors safety and survival. We will help you develop it.
  • Skills:
    The "nuts and bolts" of outdoor training this is where we teach you the specifics of survival, land navigation, tracking and more. Things such as the three things to make a fire, why we see a track, how do you use a compass and map together and LOTS MORE.
  • Tactics:
    This is two fold. Tactics is just your cool way of going beyond the basic skill building. How do you do this if you are injured, with a group, you are armed and more. We also spend a great deal of time teaching you methods and ways of owning and improving your skill set after you leave our training.
  • Gear:
    We love gear. Sometime that gear is a primitive atlatl, other times it is the latest knife. We are sought out as consultants for gear manufacturers due to our experience. Therefore we bring tons of gear to classes so you can try stuff out, and use it in class. In this manner you can walk away from class with hands-on experience with things you may be considering for purchase.

Nature Reliance School's if focused on training our students and our corporate/government clients in the outdoors, or taking the outdoors to you.

We have an active calendar full of classes, workshops, and more. We teach throughout the Eastern United States in settings that challenge you as a participant to exceed your expectations and current capabilities. Whether you have never slept on the ground in the outdoors a single night or are seasoned SRT law enforcement officer learning mantracking skills for the first time, we will insure you leave our classes educated, challenged, and improved after training with us. More importantly, we spend a great deal of time and energy teaching our students how to improve their skill set after they leave training with us. In an effort of continuous improvement.