Nature Reliance Media podcast are all about bringing nature to YOU! We have interviews and discussions, naturalist notebook features, stories from history, and much more. Our goal has always been to educate, enrich, and often entertain you with our podcasts, all of which has the end-goal of getting you outside safely as often as possible. Listen in!

My Top 10 List of Essential Gear

by Craig Caudill | 08 October, 2020

You do not want to miss this podcast on essential gear.  Craig has a unique way of sharing what works for him and giving you the right information to get what works best for you.

#36 10 Ways to Extend Your Phone's Battery Life.

by Tracy Trimble | 28 September, 2020

Have you ever been caught needing your phone's battery life to last a little longer.  Consider these 10 options to do just that.

Practical Bushcraft

by Craig Caudill | 23 September, 2020

To say that NRS walks to the beat a different drum is an understatement in many ways.  A quick glance at our classes and how we structure them can show you.....

Knife Safety Tips

by Craig Caudill | 14 September, 2020

Simple but it is SO important.  After a very experienced woodsman cut himself in a recent class, Craig put this podcast out there to jog everyone's memory on the TWO most dangerous parts of a knife.  He also...

Campfire Chat: Can you track a ghost from a graveyard?

by Tracy Trimble | 10 September, 2020

We have all heard of stories that could not be explained.  This is just such a story.

Six Habits of Trackers, That Can Help Everyone Including YOU!

by Craig Caudill | 08 September, 2020

I (Craig) am fond of saying that I wish everyone was a tracker.  There are several reasons for this.  In this podcast I share some common habits that trackers develop that also equate to useful habits in daily life for everyone.  Look below the Podcast Player for a timeline of topics discussed in this podcast. 

Test your outdoor self-reliance knowledge with the "Tourist Test".

by Tracy Trimble | 02 September, 2020

Many people think retreating to the great outdoors must include driving several hours to a national park.  But have you given any thought about the "outdoors" that surrounds you every day in your neighborhood?  Craig walks the listeners through what he calls the Tourist Test. 

Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK): 22 items that you need to hear about

by Tracy Trimble | 31 August, 2020

Individual First Aid Kits (IFAK) are vital when outdoors.  Big box store kits are lacking and most people would like to build their own but get bogged down on what items to include.   This podcast will help with a list of minimal items.

Naturalist Notebook: Top 5 Recommendations to help YOU connect to nature

by Craig Caudill | 26 August, 2020

Nature lovers, hunters, survivalists, and hikers..unite!  In this podcast Master Naturalist and woodsman with a lifetime of experience, Craig Caudill walks us through his top 5 way to connect with nature so you experience lots more going on around you.  Take these recommendations and fit them to your needs.


My LOVE/HATE relationship with Leave No Trace ethics

by Craig Caudill | 23 August, 2020

Hate may be a strong word, but you get the point.  I enjoy LNT and at the same time dont care much at all for some aspects of it.  Actually, mostly LNT advocates are who I have trouble with it. Listen is so you can hear......

#27 Naturalist Notebook - No, moss does not always grow on the north side of trees and other nature insights

by Craig Caudill | 04 August, 2020

Craig discusses three short topics:  1) Debunking the myth that moss always grow on the north side of trees and explaining why you can't count on that myth 2) What is handrailing in wilderness navigation 3) Animal observations and how they can help us improve our outdoor time.  

NRS Dynamic Duo - Video/Podcast

by Craig Caudill | 07 July, 2020

This is the first of a new series where we take the podcast to videocast as well.  Here are is an outline of things we discussed.....

Podcast #24: Epic failure in gardening - but we have to start somewhere.

by Tracy Trimble | 22 May, 2020

Have you ever raised a garden?  Have you ever opened up a forest to grow one?  Tracy is in the process of doing exactly that.  In this podcast we talk about what is going right, and opportunities for growth :)

Podcasts #22 and #23: How Drowning Changed My Life

by Craig Caudill | 19 April, 2020

Near-death experiences have a way to change a person.  The story discussed here is one of those experiences.    I came as close to death as I have come in the outdoors on this trip.  

Podcast #19 - Learn How a Ham Radio Might Save Your Life

by Tracy Trimble | 02 February, 2020

Ham radios and their use NEED to be part of everyone's readiness.  Whether you are a hard-core prepper, or an occasional hiker, ham radio use can offer some things not offered by any other equipment.....

Podcast #18 - Simon Kenton - Nearly Naked and Afraid, Pt 2 of 2

by Craig Caudill | 28 January, 2020

We are back with part 2!  If you have not listened to part 1..stop what you are going and go back now and do so.  Once you do, this will have MUCH more meaning.

Podcast #16 - Oooops! - Common Mistakes (Part 3 of 3): While at camp

by Craig Caudill | 26 January, 2020

Oooooops! is right, in the last of our 3 part series we go over some of the craziest and simplest things we have done or seen that you should NEVER do.

Podcast #17 - Simon Kenton - Nearly Naked and Afraid, Pt 1 of 2

by Craig Caudill | 21 January, 2020

We are back with another great podcast that details an extraordinary story of living through adversity (aka embracing the suck) in a way that is almost inconceivable.  If it had not been well documented, it would be unbelievable.  Hit they play button below to listen in as Craig details......

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