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>> Check out NRS Online classes! <<
>> Check out NRS Online classes! <<
My Top 10 List of Essential Gear

My Top 10 List of Essential Gear

This podcast is 1 of 12 in-depth lessons from our online Course Vital Survival produced and taught by NRS Director Craig Caudill.  To listen in click on this play button below.  Look below the podcast player for links to information mentioned in the podcast.  
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0:29 Welcome in by Craig
1:13 Sponsor Recognition
1:50 Explanation of Essential Gear
3:00  #1 Navigation
5:35  #2 Light
7;18   #3 Protection
7:50  #4 IFAK - First Aid
8:24  #5 Knife
10:14  #6 Fire Building Supplies
11:23  #7 Shelter
14:35 #8 Food Supplies
16:24 #9 Water
17:55 #10 Signaling Gear
Mentioned In The Podcast
Vital Survival In this course and downloadable booklet, you will learn the mindset, skills, tactics, and gear for disaster readiness that Craig uses to teach civilians and first responders throughout the country. This information is critical to individuals and families being better prepared for unplanned emergencies. 
Powertac Lights - Use code NATURERELIANCE for a 30% discount on all products.  GREAT lights, used by NRS Instructors for several years. 
Gaia GPS App - 20% Discount on the BEST app out there.  This is our go-to app that we train first responders and outdoor lovers to use.  It is incredibly easy to use and CHEAP!  You MUST follow the link. 
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