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Podcasts #22 and #23:  How Drowning Changed My Life

Podcasts #22 and #23: How Drowning Changed My Life

Near-death experiences have a way to change a person.  The story discussed here is one of those experiences.    I came as close to death as I have come in the outdoors on this trip.  

As I have stated many times, some of the best lessons I have learned as an outdoorsman have been when I made a mistake (or series of mistakes) and lived to learn from them and tell about them.  However, it is this particular experience (and one other event) that put me on path of being a "survival" author, teacher, and consultant.

Tracy Trimble and I have taught safety and survival coursework to so many people at this point, it would be impossible to count them all.  One underlying truth to what we have done is our instruction is based on experience.  Particularly, on our experiences as avid outdoorsmen.    

In this two part podcast Tracy and I discuss this event.  As always, our intent to help you enjoy the great outdoors and avoid the similar pitfalls experienced in this situation.  There is much to learn from it.  Listen in.

 PART 1: 

PART 2: 

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