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>> Check out NRS Online classes! <<
>> Check out NRS Online classes! <<


"I didn't know what to expect from the Nav class. I was concerned I'd be in with a bunch of alpha males and feel really stupid. Not once did I feel judged for lack of knowledge, or below anybody, and didn't get the creep vibe at all, lol-very important for girls. We were just a group of people with a mutual respect for nature and love of learning. Time and money well spent. It is SO NICE to see people with integrity being successful. Please keep it up." 

-AA (Tennessee) 

"This class [Level 1 Survival] was a wake-up call for me.  It taught me that I belong in the outdoors!" 

- SB (Kentucky) 

This is by far the best class I have ever taken.  The instructor is very informative and makes it fun an easy to learn the given info.  I would take this class 100 times out of 100.  Thank you! 

-DA (Wisconsin) 

I will confidently be able to utilize this training [Mantracking] in future rescue operations with SAR.  I will also apply these skills to hunting and hiking.

- WW (Kentucky) 

This course was a no BS, practical class on tracking.  In a world of fakes this one stands out as the real deal. 

- KG (North Carolina) 

"This has class has enabled me to feel much more confident alone or in a group in the wilderness.  It also makes my husband feel more confident about me going into the wilderness. Thank you! 

-LD (Minnesota) 

"Best survival class ever!  You learn by doing and the principles taught are no-nonsense.  Craig is incredibly knowledgeable."

- HD (Kentucky) 

"A great weekend with more good information than I could ever remember.  Thank goodness for notes!  I recommend this class to anyone who spends time in the outdoors."

- AB, (Ohio) 

"I had really high expectations for this class [Land Navigation] and it exceeded every one of them." 

- AT (Kentucky) 

"This training [Land Navigation] is so beneficial to me as a Paramedic, helping find and treat patients in an outdoor setting.  Honestly one of the best classes and trainings I have ever taken. 

- SS (Kentucky) 

"This class [Survival, Level 1] was perfect for me starting out (and being possibly the oldest student). It was not too taxing but just enough to stay challenged. Working from base camp like camping served well to conduct forays for wilderness training. Craig was awesome, very personable but kept us well focused. He has a teaching spirit and was one of the better instructors in my over 6 decades of being taught and trained. Researched facts were well presented and so many of his teachings seem to have stuck. He left me wanting to take more of his classes and instruction. I feel motivated to learn and experience more with Nature Reliance School." 

-GE (Ohio)

I have been to several survival classes with several schools. One thing that all the schools talk about is the mindset you need for survival. What many of these schools lack is teaching about your mindset. NRS Instructors did a fantastic job of teaching this. Adding in stressors during training to help us practice the Mindset was extremely helpful. One thing that really stood out was the time that was spent with the students. The age range was from 8 - 60+ with a vast difference in skill level. Again the NRS Instructors shined, making sure that everyone learned something and no one was left behind. 

-SW (Arkansas)