Naturalist Notebook:  Top 5 Recommendations to help YOU connect to nature

Nature lovers, hunters, survivalists, and hikers..unite!  In this podcast Master Naturalist and woodsman with a lifetime of experience, Craig Caudill walks us through his top 5 way to connect with nature so you experience lots more going on around you.  Take these recommendations and fit them to your needs.  Look below the podcast player for a timeline of the topics discussed.



1:05 Craig's Welcome in
1:43 An important quote from John Muir
3:10 Sponsors for todays podcast (Outdoor Core Online Courses)
3:43 The Purpose of this Podcast
5:04 Your Senses and their importance
8:37 Mnemonic Filing?  You betcha
12:33 Random vs Order, its there if you look for it.
15:16 Bird Language and Activities
17:11 Grand Scale
20:27 Summary
21:22 Action Step
22:11 Closing
22:23 Help Us Out


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