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>> Check out NRS Online classes! <<
Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK): 22 items that you need to hear about

Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK): 22 items that you need to hear about

From Boo-boos to trauma medicine go into the outdoors with some fundamental first aid supplies.  In this podcast, Craig shares 22 items that he carries with him that can help fix a diverse mix of first aid issues.  The first item to add to your kit is training.  Get fundamental training from the American Red Cross or American Heart Association and then bolster it by adding in Stop the Bleed Training.



0:30 Craig's Welcome In

0:40 The Purpose of this Podcast

0:55 Vital Survival

1:43 Why Build Your Own Kit

2:13 Minimal List Items 

8:06 Trauma  Medical Items

9:26 Closing

Listing of items and links for each

  1. Qty 2 4 X 4 Guaze
  2. Surgical Tape
  3. Irrigation syringe
  4. Minimum Qty of 4 Medical Gloves
  5. Qty 2 Triangular Bandage
  6. Qty 10 Flexible Band-Aids
  7. Steri-Strip Skin Closures
  8. Vet Wrap
  9. Iodine Pads
  10. Ibuprofen
  11. Antihistamine
  12. Aspirin
  13. Antibiotic Ointment
  14. Rehydration salts, pedialyte
  15. Moleskin
  16. Duct Tape
  17. Small Booklet of First Aid
  18. Tourniquet
  19. NPA
  20. Hemostatic Guaze
  21. Chest Seals
  22. Chest Decompression Needle 

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