My LOVE/HATE relationship with Leave No Trace ethics

In this podcast I (Craig) discuss my love and my disdain for parts of Leave No Trace.  Look below the podcast player for a timeline of what it includes.   

1:00 Craig lays out what he is attempting to do here
3:55 What is the Greek word sympatheia, and why is important?
6:45 United we stand, divided we fall
8:00 What is Leave No Trace?
9:00 Principle #1, how Land Navigation skills apply
10:00 Principle #2, finding and utilizing proper campsites
11:45 Principle #3, Grouse hunting and beer cans?
13:45 Principle #4, You touch a toad, you eat it.  Seriously?
15:45 Principle #5, Fire, candles in the woods?
17:45 Principle #6, Critters in the woods. 
19:20 Principle #7, horses, bikes and boom boxes coming together?
22:30 What is the last most memorable moon that you saw?
24:20 The hypocrisy of a "cat hole" discussion.
25:20  Why I think LNT advocates are the "baptists" of the outdoors
26:00 Positive vs. Negative impact of the environment
27:45 The beauty of rock cairns LOL
29:45 How small town Kentuckians are artistic
31:00 My experience with a LNT Nazi
32:45 The hypocrisy of Miguel's pizza (yeah I went there)
34:10 A VERY important question for you
36:00 How to meet on the "middle ground".
38:00 Trash pickups are great but they are the JV team of environmental activism, get skin in the game with this recommendation.