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>> Check out NRS Online classes! <<
>> Check out NRS Online classes! <<
NRS Discount Codes!

NRS Discount Codes!

Nature Reliance School is pleased to have an affiliate or I (Craig) serve as an ambassador with several great companies.  These are relationships with companies that we already feel confident about their product line.  Enjoy utilizing the discounts they offer to you as part of our NRS family.  

  • LT Wright Handcrafted Knives - 10% discount on all blades (Also don't forget the Shemanese, that we sell here on the NRS Store).  Made in USA!
  • Gaia GPS App - 20% Discount on the BEST app out there.  This is our go-to app that we train first responders and outdoor lovers to use.  It is incredibly easy to use and CHEAP!
  • Exotac - Use code NATURERELIANCE for 20% off on fire starting and other survival-related supplies.  Made in USA!
  • Tuff Possum Gear - Use code NATURERELIANCE for 10% off our good friend Jayberry's pouches, packs, pads and more!
  • Powertac Lights - Use code NATURERELIANCE for 15% discount on all products.  GREAT lights, used by NRS Instructors for several years.  e s
  • Garage Fit - Use code NATURERELIANCE for 10% discount on workout gear including Craig's favorite sandbag, battle ropes and other great stuff so you can #behardtokill 
  • Nessmuk's Ltd - Great bushcraft and related goods.  Use NATURERELIANCE for 10% off.
  • Stanford Outdoor Supply - Use code NRS10 for discount on all SOS kits!
  • EBL Power Supplies - Use coupon for $420 off at his link:  

You can also support all we do at NRS by using our Amazon Store Link.  If you go to Amazon and purchase anything, we get a small percentage. Thank you for any and all support as we do our best to train others to be safe and more educated in the outdoors:

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