Lost and Found:  Burning socks to stay warm.

Join us on another Nature Reliance Media podcast episode of Lost and Found, where we break down an outdoor adventure gone awry.

Imagine if you have a loved one that is lost or injured while hiking, camping, or hunting. Would you like to know how to help first responders in locating the individual(s) and return them to safety? In this podcast, we discuss a real-life event just on this topic. We discuss what went wrong, what went right, the 911 call, and how a boyfriend “almost” became part of the problem.

As you listen to the podcast, you can reference the map below to help you visualize the events as they unfold.


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Nature Reliance School, where Tracy, Craig et al teach about a wide range of topics in the outdoors.  Gets hands-on with us so you can be more comfortable and more enriched:   https://www.naturereliance.org/

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Craig Caudill is the Founder and Chief Instructor of Nature Reliance School. He specializes in teaching outdoor related topics to include, survival, tracking, nature awareness and more for private or public groups, and government agencies.  Craig is the author of three books, Extreme Wilderness Survival and Ultimate Wilderness Gear,  and Essential Wilderness Navigation (co-authored with Tracy Trimble) from Page Street Publishing, distributed by Macmillan Publishing as well as co-author of The Tiny Survival Guide.

Craig is co-host of the popular The Survival Show podcast, is a frequent contributor to TV outlets, blog sites, magazines and is a popular online outdoor educator.  Pick up the books, subscribe to him on Youtube, or join Craig and the other NRS Instructors in a class so they can help you be more safe and aware in the outdoors.



Tracy Trimble is an active instructor at Nature Reliance School and specializes in teaching land navigation and related topics. He is a co-author of Essential Wilderness Navigation  from Page Street Publishing. He is an active volunteer firefighter and search and rescue member.  The SAR team handles on average 50 events a year.

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