Living off the Land - Week Long

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Embark on an extraordinary journey with our "Living Off the Land" course, a transformative experience designed to deepen your connection with nature and ability to be self-reliant. Over an exciting week, you'll immerse yourself in the wilderness, engaging in hands-on learning and practical application of survival skills.

This comprehensive course encapsulates the essence of Nature Reliance School's teachings. Starting from a base camp, we'll explore the wilderness, honing skills in sourcing shelter, water, and food. As your abilities progress, you'll increasingly rely on the natural world to meet your needs, moving beyond mere survival towards thriving in nature.

At the core of this adventure is a shift in perspective - using our foundational survival knowledge as a springboard for growth. You'll delve into:

  • Expedient First Aid: While modern first aid is invaluable, what do you do when resources are scarce? We'll explore 'ditch medicine', learning to source and utilize natural medical supplies.
  • Navigation: Beyond map, compass, and GPS, enhance your navigation skills using nature's "three anchors": the sun, wind, and weather patterns.
  • Shelter: Discover and replicate the time-tested sheltering techniques of native peoples.
  • Water: Master various methods of water filtration, purification, and distillation for both short-term needs and long-term sustainability.
  • Food: Deeply explore edible plants and trees, and learn about sourcing animal protein using both primitive and modern methods. Note: Active hunting is not part of the course due to seasonal restrictions, but extensive study and practice are included.

This course isn't about throwing you into the deep end. We encourage you to bring your camping gear, along with enough water and food for the week. Our aim is to harmoniously use what the land offers, supplementing it with what we carry. This course is inclusive of all skill levels - from those who aspire to live entirely off the land to those keen on learning more about it. We foster a supportive environment, encouraging mutual learning and skill enhancement in living off the land. Join us for a week of growth, learning, and nature immersion at Nature Reliance School!


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