SERE, Civilian Survive, Evade, Resist and Escape - Level 1 - 3 Day


Due to popular request we are finally putting together several topics that we have been teaching to private groups and making it available to the public.  This course is not open to persons under the age of 18.  This course will stress  you mentally and physically.  If you suffer from anxiety issues, we offer others courses that will provide you with similar skills but without the stress.   In this course participants will learn the fundamentals of each piece of the S.E.R.E puzzle.  


Participants will learn on-the-move survival tactics which are unlike our typical wilderness survival course work.  This will include doing the survival portions with minimal kit items while maintaining a low profile


This will include camouflaging, mantracking and counter tracking for low-profile movement in a wilderness environment


This will include both armed and unarmed combat tactics.  No live ammunition will be utilized in this course (seek other qualified companies for live fire coursework).   We will however work through effective grappling (standing and ground), edged and improvised weapons


This will include map and compass, covert and overt signaling, and communications

We are purposely leaving the specifics of this class vague as they need to be done that way to give you the training you need.  However, here are some comments from previous class participants:

Person 1 - "I’ve tried to keep my training up to par since I left the military. I’m glad that I found a group of instructors that are humble in their skill set but care enough to learn their students and make it challenging for each individual based on their backgrounds. Thank you guys for allowing me to step up again in life and be a leader in these type of situations. The test made me feel proud that I could be the main leader to a group of ppl from all backgrounds and skill sets and help them succeed in accomplishing their mission and to keep them safe. Makes me feel good when it comes to keeping my family safe in these strange and wonderful times. Thank you gentleman again."

Person 2 - "SERE training was a great experience that helped build on skill sets that would assist survival of the most unfortunate situations.

Person 3 - "This class Will test you mentally and physically. The challenges are difficult and rewarding, this will definitely push you out of your comfort zone and make you get real honest with yourself."

Person 4 - "This was an invaluable learning and training experience. Extremely practical. I highly recommend this course to ANYONE who has an interest in being better prepared to protect themself and their loved ones should they find themselves in an unfortunate situation. Craig is a superb and passionate instructor. I am not sure I have learned so much or laughed so much in any other concentrated 48hr period of my life. Mission Accomplished Nature Reliance School!"

Person 5 - "This class gave me a self-confidence builder, meet great people I really hope to see again has refreshing to get back in nature I’ve missed it."

Person 6 - "This class was both highly educational and challenging. The instructors are very knowledgeable and know how to present the material and engage students in learning. This class pushed me mentally and physically. If you are interested in Survival, Escape, Resistance and Evasion...take this class!"

Person 7 - "Anyone who truly wants to test their mental and physical fortitude, but may be slightly apprehensive needs to take this class. [The Instructors] provide excellent instruction and training and go above and beyond to ensure your safety yet challenge you at the same time.".

Person 8 - "This class was a great way to prepare for the types of worst-case scenarios that always cross my mind when doing activities outdoors. I learned so much practical information from instructors and peers and going forward I know the skills I need to continue to practice and refine."


Follow this link for class normal practices and gear list suggestions and recommendations.  

Once your register and pay for class you will receive an automatic email with location and other important info.  To ensure you don't miss it, be sure to add to your email sender list and/or look in your spam folder for an email titled:  "Important Nature Reliance School Class Info"

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