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>> Check out NRS Online classes! <<

General Survival - July 15, 2023

Original price $5 - Original price $5
Original price
$5 - $5
Current price $5
This event will be held on private property near Frenchburg, Kentucky.   Exact location will be sent to all who sign up.  
This is not a class, this is an event.  An event for you to show off your creativity, your ingenuity and your ability to spread out $25 for survival at your favorite Dollar General store.  What is going on?  Spend one night in the outdoors using only what you can buy for $25 at a Dollar General Store.  We will start at 10am on Saturday July 15 and go to Sunday at 10am.  

How do I prove it is my $25?  You must bring your goods AND receipt with you to the event in a yellow Dollar General bag

Is anything strange or wonderful going to happen? Yes, it is a Nature Reliance School event isnt it?

Strange?  Purchase and plan well, you will have a chance to barter for goods with other participants.  Don't cheat ahead of time, this isn't Dual Survival or Survivor.

Wonderful? Your $5.00 admission fee will be put into a pot, whoever is judged to have done the best job gets the pot.  All of it.  And, well, bragging rights which may be more valuable.

More wonderful?  You will receive points for spending less than $25.  Yes, we are devious like this all the time.  

Who is doing the judging?  NRS Cadre will be judging and participating, although they cannot win.  An objective set of testing criteria will be announced at the beginning of the event.  It will be based on the Law/Rule of 3s.  If you don't know what that is watch this video.  Yes we know that is after you buy the stuff.  That is also part of the strange.  What happens afterwards?  We will have a feast celebrating being in the woods with good people and having fun.  Bring something to share to eat.  NRS Director Craig Caudill will secure the food, so most of it will be available when you come out of the woods.  :)
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