2014-11-10_1729Our advanced survival class is only open to those who have either taken our survival basics course or who have previous experience in the field and can answer a few simple questions about survival training.

In advanced survival class we purposely start the process of teaching critical thinking skills.  For those who have been to basics class, or who have survival experience you know that all good survival instructors keep discussing the mantra in the following in order of importance:  Mindset, Skills and Tactics, Gear.  Meaning that the most important part of the equation is to develop is your mindset, and what we refer to often as critical thinking skills.

In Advanced Survival, we do a lot of that.  We assume that people have the basics (STOPA, Law of Threes, Gear Choices) however, they may not have actual ability to critically think about certain situations.  With that said, we will be forcing you to do that in two distinct ways.

One is that we do not allow you to utilize more than 25 pounds in your pack.  This will force  you to seriously look at your gear.  We will be near enough to cars for safety, but definitely not near enough to go to and from them.  For some 25 lbs is easy, for others that are new, this will be difficult.

Secondly, we will have surprises during class.  Things that will challenge you and force you to make decisions as individuals and as a group.   What do you expect?  It is Nature Reliance School, one of our hallmarks are these surprises.

With that said here are a few videos that will help you with gear decision-making.  As always if you have questions please feel free to contact us.

In video one, I go through some gear choices for you.  There are only a few hard and fast needs (knife, paracord, tarp) and a lot of other options for you.

In video number two, I detail some things about clothing choices.  I did this video for the Dan’s Depot channel.  It is not specifically for Advanced Survival.  I intended it to be just for cold weather.  However, the things I show in this video will be the things you see me wearing in class for Advanced Survival.  I hope it helps you to determine your clothes.

Last but not least this is a video that NRS instructor Tracy Trimble did during Advanced Survival 2013.  He went out a day early and setup to practice skills and make this video.  A unique thing that he did was show the temperature outside and in his tarp shelter several times.

Again, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions or concerns.   If you an Nature Reliance School Online Survival School member, I  have several lessons in there on cold weather skills.

Come on, join in, let’s learn together!

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