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Crappy Survival Kit

2014-03-03_1009So this, this right here, really aggravates me.  Take a look this “survival kit” offered by a local TV station.  

I am all about a morale boost in survival.  If you have ever attended one of our classes you will know that I speak about the mindset and psychology of survival quite often as it is part of the survivability puzzle.   The particular kit mentioned in this video is really high on morale boosting but very low on actual survival materials.   Having a light is a good thing to help you get to the things you actually need to survive.  However it doesn’t serve to actually help you stay alive in this sort of weather.  



TV/DVD player……are you kidding me?  I will say again, this will do wonders for a morale boost if you are stranded or without electricity.  However it will not serve to keep you alive at all.  

This is not intended to be a knock against Fayette Heating and Air who evidently is co-joined on this giveaway with WLEX.   Those folks do great work at keeping people warm during bad weather.  

So this is what a cursory google search got me for pricing on the items in the kit.  

  • TV/DVD Combo ~ $120
  • Polarfleece Blanket ~ $10
  • Battery Lantern ~ $20.00
  • Total Value is approximately $150.00

Here is what I would put in a kit of the same value and suggest WLEX and Fayette Heating and Air offer it away instead.  

  • 4Wool Blankets  ~ $40 (wool insulates when it is damp and retains heat better than fleece)
  • 4 water bottles with water ~ $40 (must stay hydrated to stay warm, these bottles are canteens and cups.  You could get just bottles of water cheaper)
  • 40 hand/body warmers ~$30
  • 20 Clif Bars ~$30 (calories for sustainment, and morale boost)
  • Deck of cards and skittles  – $10 (morale boost and something to pass time away)

Matter of fact my friend’s at Dan’s Depot can get you a lot better kit than even this, and at a better price.

Can someone please get me to WLEX so we can talk?  




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