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Discussion of Stolen Valor

Discussion of Stolen Valor


One of many who pretend to be something they are not.

Like most things I am not sure if stolen valor and pretending to be someone you are not are more prevalent these days or if the flow of social media is such that we simply hear about it more often.  I do know that since the widespread use and dissemination of information through the internet began many years ago, it is easier to find out that there are those who are stealing others accomplishments and pretending they are something else.  Sometimes this is for ego, other times it is for financial gain.  Either way it is wrong.  

In this video I give you some of my thoughts.  I do not do “opinion” pieces often as they serve to alienate folks more than bring them together.  However in this particular case, I felt it was worth doing.  Our military men and women, work too hard and sacrifice too much to have someone pretend to do the things they are doing.  It is simply disgraceful for them to do so.  My only regret was that this video proved to be a bit long.  I guess when I open my mouth about my opinions….stuff just starts coming out.  



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