Liquid-Storage-Tanks-e1344969621147This is going to be one of several blog posts on the topic of getting preps ready and continuing to be considerate of your budget at the same time.  Prepping can be hard on a budget so we want to do all that we can to make it easier on you.  

In this first topic we want to take into consideration your water preparations.  Like most things in the modern world clean, usable water is an item that is often taken for granted.  Turn on the tap, you have water it is that simple.  I had the good fortune of growing up on a farm and often times carrying buckets of water to animals (cattle mostly), as well as insuring they had water in winter and other fun times.  I say good fortune because those times stand out to make it readily apparent how difficult it is too insure a water source for them.  


Rain Barrels integrated as a water storage system

Gathering rain water, and snow are good choices.  Setting up a system of gathering run off from your house is really inexpensive to accomplish as well.  Rain barrels have become good choices to utilize this free resource.  There are any number of places that sell these barrels.  Container companies, military surplus, flea markets, and soda factories (most of the big blue ones are orginally made forsoda factories).  



Water jugs and bottles


Gerry Cans

Using discarded water bottles and milk jugs (or similar) to store water from your tap is real simple to do.  One method is to utilize them in your freezer to store water as ice.  If power goes out they will serve to keep your food colder longer and when they completely thaw out, you can then use them for hydration.  You can also get gerry cans from any number of retails that serve to hold water as well.  All of these containers can be utilized now to gather tap water and then store it.  

Tap Water Under Stressed Conditions

There are three good ways to get water for you use in a “ship hits the sand” type situation.  For example you have not made adequate preparations and you find that a natural disaster or similar has caused you to be without continued running water. 

  1. First and foremost, drain your houses current water into your bathtub and use it as a container.  You can then use it sparingly until further water sources can be found.
  2. Toilets are good sources of clean water.  The water in the back of your toilet does not reach any contaminates so it can be reliably used in a pinch.
  3. Your hot water heaters for homes are 50+ gallons of clean water.  They have a valve on the bottom of them to drain water from the heater.

These are some simple ideas for getting water “on the cheap”.  Please share any ideas you may have on our Facebook pages so that we can come on, join in, and learn together!

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