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>> Check out NRS Online classes! <<

One of the best Survival Magazines around

2014-05-27_2314I have the good fortune to be able to write for several different entities including blogs (popular and unpopular ones), magazines, newspapers and other fine folks from time to time.  I have several articles that have been published for Self-Reliance Illustrated on a host of topics ranging from flint and steel firemaking, self-defense hand gun carry options, and now a series on edible and medicinal plants.  This series started out as an intended few articles, but it seems like a good topic to keep running with and I certainly enjoy passing on the info.  I actually co-write all these with my wonderful wife.  

In that regard I did this video and I wanted to share it with you.  First off, I did a review of the magazine, and hit some of the high points in the magazine for me. Don’t worry, I do not know show you every article, I know that gets old.   I do however go over the table of contents to hopefully give you a good idea of what this magazine holds each time it comes out.  As always, seek out the authors of these articles and see if they offer further instruction.  If you find a subject matter we can help you with, then jump into our calendar of classes and check us out here in Central Kentucky.


So with that said, we hoped you enjoyed it.  Now come on, join in, let’s learn together!

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