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What goes in my EDC?


Basic EDC

I have spent a long time trying to NOT put this information out there.  I think your EDC should be something that you look at your particular circumstances (job, area you live, lifestyle) and make a determination of what you should carry.  I have a number of folks who follow me and want to carry what I carry.  While I appreciate the respect, I also still want to focus on helping them be a better them, not someone like me.  

I also do not feel that my EDC carry is perfect for everyone.  What I would like to see is this blog piece to create a discussion so that other folks can chime in on their EDC.  What do you like in mine, what do you not like in mine?  I am certainly open to suggestions.

These are the basics that I carry on me every day as long as the areas I am going allow these items to be legally carried there.  I will list them below so that you can get some details.  I am starting in the top right of the picture here and going around clockwise to each piece.

  • Glock 19, Gen 3, in Galco holster – not starting a debate here that is for certain.  Here are my feelings on the matter.  I shoot a lot to be as proficient as I can afford to be.  Meaning I get trained by good instructors and I need to purchase ample ammunition to train.  With that said I am also not a warfighter, nor have I been in a gunfight before.  Due to those reasons I try to be a realist.  I will do all I can to effectively use a weapon accurately.  However, I know that it is likely that someone such as I will miss (although I train hard not to do so).  I also know that an amped up agressor will not likely drop with one, two, maybe even five or six hits.  The Glock 19 allows me to have 15 rounds in the magazine for just such an occasion.
  • Extra magazine – Another 15 rounds.  See above for reasons why.
  • Lighter – hand held lighter is easy to use for fire building in a true survival situation.  I keep it in my pocket so it stays warm and works in cold weather.  
  • CRKT Folder – M21 G10 Folder by CRKT.  This knife has served me well as both a bushcraft and a self-defense tool.  I practice regularly with it for both situations.  It is not the easiest deployable knife for self-defense.  However it meets my needs in both areas more so that an exceptionally good tactical folder and is less money.
  • Iphone – my phone with nothing so personal in it that a stranger who steals it could easily ruin me.  I don’t play games and such.  I use my device as a phone and a remote tool for accessing the websites that I need to run my businesses.
  • Key Chain – this little piece of equipment has a lot of goodies on it.  It has a small thumb light, 10 foot of paracord, a ferro rod, and a ResQMe device on it as well (the yellow thing).  ResQme are used to break glass on cars.  That little device is very important for rescuing yourself in an accident, or assisting someone else if you pass by a wreck.  
  • Wallet  – items of note inside are:  my driver’s license, insurance card, enough cash to buy gas home wherever I might be, concealed carry license, and gun club card (so I can continue to be proficient with a weapon)
  • Flashlight – tactical flashlight which has four modes ranging from light moonlight to “oh my gosh that little light can do that?” setting.  It also includes a strobe setting for self-defense.  It has a clip for attaching to gear or hats and has the tactical beveled edges so that you can encourage others to leave you alone by striking them with it.  
  • Tourniquet – I feel it necessary to carry a tourniquet with me if I am going to carry a weapon.  If I need to deploy my weapon, that means someone is or is about to shoot at me.  I want this to be able to take care of serious wounds on myself and others.  This is also a great piece of equipment to carry for those car wrecks that you may pass by.  It is my opinion that I am more likely to save a life with it than I am my weapon.  

So yeah I did it.  This does not need to be your carry.  You need to carry what works for you.  I hope by putting this out there it has given you reason for pause to consider its contents so that you can develop your own.  It is my #1 goal to help  you become proficient in being more self-reliant and to walk with confidence not cockiness.  

Come on, join in, let’s learn together!



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