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What is in an Australian MRE? Does it taste good?

australian-and-us-flag-maps-web2smallerSome very fine folks send me a number of things to try and out and review.  I typically take a look at these things from the perspective of a survivalist, or a worse-case-scenario situation.  In that regard some good friends of mine gave me two Australian Defence Force MREs (Meal-Ready-to-Eat).  

The first thing that came to mind when I received them was that they were A LOT heavier than a typical American MRE.  From a survival perspective I wondered to myself what would happen if I had no water, or method to warm the food up?  Would I be able to adequately take in the energy (calories) and therefore live?  The answer was a definite yes.  There is a TON (not really) of food in these MREs.  In this video, I go through and show you all that is in it.  I then go through and taste test it.  Hilarity ensues.  


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