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>> Check out NRS Online classes! <<

Who Is The Best Survival Instructor?

2014-03-27_1319Man that is a loaded question isn’t it? If we were to ask this on social media, we would probably get a host of TV personalities as the answer, debate would ensue, feelings would get hurt and then the armchair survival community would go back to looking at food pictures on instagram or time wasting videos on facebook.  It is my personal opinion that the best survival instructor is the one that works for you.  

To begin with this word “SURVIVAL” has taken on its own monstrosity of meaning.  “Survival” now ranges from prepping for natural disaster to developing zombie emergency response teams.  Quite frankly it is all rather ridiculous when you think of it all.  We can thank Hollywood for glamorizing it up for us.  

What I wanted to do in this video is to break down some categories of survival instructor for your consideration.  This is obviously close to the vest for me since I too am a “survival” instructor.  In that regard I take liberty on MY channel to offer up our positive attributes at Nature Reliance School.  I do not pretend or think I am the best out there.  I do have a certain set of skills though….:).

Agree or disagree with me?  Please leave some comments on the video.



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