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>> Check out NRS Online classes! <<

Spark Survival and Fire Tool

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 angled chisel edge, it excels at making quick and precise cuts, perfect for setting traps, crafting triggers, and handling other small bushcraft tasks.

Key Features of the Spark Fire Tool:

  • Flint and Steel Striking: Easily create sparks to ignite your fire, essential for ample fire building options.
  • Ferrocerium Rod Scraping: Designed with a sharp 90 degree spine on both ends for scraping that will produce hot sparks even in wet conditions, ensuring you can always start a fire.
  • Bow Drill Divot

    Discover the Ultimate Survival Tool: The Spark Survival and Fire Tool by Craig Caudill

    Your Go-To Tool for Bushcrafting and Survival

    Introducing the Spark Fire Tool, a revolutionary product designed by renowned survival expert Craig Caudill of Nature Reliance School and expertly crafted by Rivers Edge Cutlery here in the USA.  This versatile tool is inspired by the traditional Japanese kiridashi, known for its utilitarian design, and enhanced with features that make it an indispensable companion in the wild.

    Versatility Meets Precision

    The Spark Fire Tool is not just another survival tool. It's a multi-functional device that combines the best features of flint and steel striking, ferrocerium rod scraping, and a bow drill divot. With itsUse the integrated divot for traditional bow drill fire-starting techniques.
  • Angled Chisel Edge: Make precise cuts for bushcraft and survival needs, from crafting traps to detailed carving.

Why Choose the Spark Fire Tool?

The Spark Fire Tool is crafted with the expertise and knowledge of Craig Caudill, a leading figure in the survival community after many years of experiential knowledge using an designing tools you can count on. Its design reflects a deep understanding of what is needed in a survival tool—reliability, versatility, and ease of use. When you choose the Spark Fire Tool, you're not just buying a tool; you're investing in a piece of equipment that can make a critical difference in your survival and bushcrafting adventures.

Ready to Elevate Your Survival Skills?

Equip yourself with the Spark Fire Tool and experience the confidence of carrying a tool designed by a survival expert. Whether you're a seasoned bushcrafter or a novice survivalist, this tool will quickly become your go-to for all your outdoor needs.

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  • Length: 6.25 in
  • Width: 1.25 in
  • Cutting Edge Angle: 45 degrees 
  • Sheath: Kydex
  • Weight: 6.0 oz
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