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>> Check out NRS Online classes! <<

Tactical Mantracking - Level 1 - 3 Day

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Join us for an immersive and hands-on Tactical Mantracking class, where you will learn the science and art of tracking humans through rural environments. This course is designed for individuals interested in honing their tracking skills for both recreational and professional purposes, including search and rescue teams, law enforcement, and outdoor enthusiasts.  This class will be limited so that maximum teacher to student ratio can be achieved, for an optimal learning experience. 

Course Highlights:

  1. Introduction to Tracking: Discover importance of tracking, understanding tracks, and the psychology of a tracker.

  2. Tracking Techniques: Learn various tracking techniques, including ground , aerial, and tertiary sign awareness, footprint analysis, gait analysis, and more.

  3. Field Exercises: Put your skills to the test with practical field exercises in diverse terrains, such as wilderness and open rural areas.  

  4. Track Interpretation: Develop the ability to interpret tracks, discern the age of a track, and follow a trail accurately.

  5. Applications: Understand how tracking can be a valuable tool in search and rescue operations, law enforcement, including missing persons, fugitive apprehension and wilderness emergencies.

  6. Wildlife Tracking: We will study the fundamentals and recognition of wildlife tracks and trails to avoid false trail acquisition, when searching for persons of interest. 

  7. Fieldcraft: We will introduce basic survival, navigation and other related fieldcraft skills along with gear to enchance the ability of trackers to stay on track.

  8. Testing:  There will be an objective testing opportunity at the end of the training.  Students will be scored and awarded a TRACKER patch upon meeting specific criteria addressd in the course.  

  9. Inter-Agency Cooperation:  Various agenciess we have trained to include several federal, state and local level law-enforcement, SAR teams, military units and other first responders will be invited to attend for the purpose of meeting other trained trackers for future cooperation between visual and canine mantrackers.  

Who Should Attend:  Those that want to add the "tool" of tracking to their toolbox of skills.  Tracking is an excellent tool for intelligence gathering and sitautional awareness.  This includes: 
    • Law enforcement and security professionals.
    • Outdoor enthusiasts seeking to deepen their connection with nature.
    • Search and rescue personnel looking to enhance their tracking skills.
    • Military personnel wishing to use tracking to assist in finding the enemy.
    • Hikers, campers, and hunters interested in improving their situational awareness.
    • Anyone fascinated by the art and science of tracking.


    No prior tracking experience is required. Participants should be physically capable of hiking and spending time outdoors.


    This Tactical Mantracking course spans 3 full days of training, starting at 0800 each day.  It will consist of some academic/classroom discussion and extensive fieldwork to ensure a comprehensive learning experience.

    Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a Tactical Tracking Fundamentals Certificate of Completion, acknowledging their proficiency in the essential skills of tracking humans and wildlife.  A TRACKER patch will be awarded to those who achieve a 80% or better on the objective test that we have been developing over years of instructing this material.  


    This course willl be led by Craig Caudill and assisted by Nature Reliance Cadre as needed.  You can read more about Craig's education, training, and those he has contracted with on his bio page.  

    Course Gear List

    Normal Practices and Gear Listing Requirements for Hands-on Multi-Day Classes

    Class Normal Practices

    • Please bring your own camping equipment, food, and food preparation supplies.  A common hallmark of our classes is to share supplies when needed and sometimes even food.  This allows you to see how different pieces of equipment work and learn about new skills.   
    • Bring water for yourself.  A good guess is 1 gallon of water per person, per day you are there.  We will have extra if you underestimate your needs
    • No dogs allowed in any Nature Reliance School class. 
    • Unless otherwise noted in an email, please feel free to show up to weekend courses anytime after 4pm but NOT before. 
    • The exact location will be sent to those who register for a class.  For estimating travel before receiving those directions, please plan on driving to Frenchburg, KY.   
    • The recommended minimum age for this class is 13 years of age.  Younger children will be allowed only with special permission from the instructor cadre.  Please inquire at  
    • If you have any of our books and would like them to be signed, please bring them.  If you want to buy some for that purpose, then refer to this link.

    Our Approach to Gear

    Our approach to gear is simple.  For Level 1 classes we want you to be comfortable enough to make the learning experience as easy as possible.  For level 2 and above classes we want you to have increased your knowledge enough that you use less gear.  To save us some time in producing redundant listings for different classes, the following are our gear lists.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions:

    For all classes we will have loaner equipment for use.  However if you go ahead and purchase some of these recommendations you can practice with your gear to get a feel for it and our feedback on how to use it.  For each of these listings, we are offering you our recommended choice.  Nearly all purchases listed here serve to support Nature Reliance School.  So any purchase you make will continue to allow us to keep class costs low.  If you already have this gear, by all means, bring it and use and learn more of its pros and cons.  Please note when available, we have offered you a list of items that will help meet various budgets.  They are listed as good, better, best.  If you do not have the requisite equipment for class instruction you can borrow ours.  However we dont have extra camping (tent, hammock, sleeping systems) to borrow.  

    Please also note that for level 1 classes, and others, where we have a basecamp setup.  You will be parking about 100 yards or so from where most people camp.  So plan on packing with that in mind.  You are also welcome to camp at your car but it is a more exposed area.  Once you register for class you will receive a follow up email that details the location so you can have a good idea of what to expect when you arrive and setup.  

    General recommendations for all classes:

    • Notebook and pencil/pen, 
    • A clipboard or similar for stable writing platform.
    • Day Pack (GoodBetterBest)
    • Basic First Aid Kit (we always have an extensive first aid kit on site for more involved issues)
    • Water container (Bottle or Bladder) also bring 1 gallon of water for drinking and food prep for yourself.
    • Head Lamp or Flashlight
    • Camera for photos (cell phones welcome)
    • Bug spray and sunscreen
    • Weather-related gear, we train rain or shine.
    • Sleep system of your choice (hammock, tent or tarp).  NRS has very few extra items and you can borrow, please contact us early if you want some of these supplies as they go quickly.
    • Food and food-prep supplies (you are responsible for your own food and preparation of it)
    • Personal toiletries and water for your use.  There is an outhouse on site but no running water.
    • Camping/Lawn type chair
    Additional Course Information

    All participants must fill out a waiver before attending courses.  You can find the waiver at this link

    Unless otherwise noted. Class times are as follows (all times are EST)

    Weekend Courses:  Start time is 7pm on Friday, End time is no later than 2pm on Sunday

    One Day Courses:  Start time is 9am, End time is no later than 5pm

    Week-Long Courses:  Start time is 12pm Monday - 12p Friday.

    Cancellation, Refund, and Exchange Policy:

    Registering for a class at Nature Reliance School signifies a commitment to attend on the scheduled dates. All tuition sales are final. We do not offer refunds or transfers for cancellations or no-shows within one week of the class start date. Transfers are available for cancellations more than 30 days before the class begins. In the rare event that we must cancel a course, participants are eligible for a full refund or credit. This policy is strictly enforced without exceptions.

    Failure to attend a class without prior notification will result in forfeiture of any refund.

    We recognize unexpected situations may arise, prompting a need to cancel. We'll strive to accommodate and mitigate any financial loss or inconvenience caused.

    We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.