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Ten Health Benefits From Cold Weather

Ten Health Benefits From Cold Weather

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I recently read an article on ten surprising benefits of cold weather.  I decided to share them with you here.  I used the ten points as a jumping off point for some of our outdoor pursuits such as hunting, survival training, hiking and more.  In shortened form here is the list, click on the links for the research attached to each of these. Look below for my video on this subject as well as a book at the bottom, that is also integrated into this mindset development.  

  1. Cooler temps boost your brain
  2. It may help you burn calories
  3. It increases brown fat
  4. It lessens issues with allergens
  5. Ice Packs and Cold Weather, lower inflammation
  6. It can lower risk of diseases
  7. You will sleep better
  8. It can help you fight infections.
  9. It rejuvenates skin
  10. It can better your heart

Wim Hof has gotten famous discussing cold weather and breathing practices.  There is plenty of information out there for you to see if that fits you or not.  Various cultures have utilzied cold weather as a means to grow people's mental fortitude for hundreds (perhaps thousands) of years.  It is definitely a rabbit hole worth digging into.  

Here is my video:


For another great resource that goes very well with this subject consider how you breathe.  It seems like a simple subject but, it is not a simple subject.  This book covers this subject in great detail.  Click on the graphic of the book for details.   

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